An Honest Winning the Game of Fear Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

If you have big dreams that never seem to materialize in reality, there’s a good chance that unconscious fears are holding you back. It’s easy to blame others, the weather or life circumstances that always seem to get the better of you, but the blame game holds you back from realizing your true potential and living out your dreams.

In this Winning the Game of Fear review, you’re going to learn about a web-based brain retraining program that claims to turn ordinary people into super productive, highly successful individuals. Whether you’re a college student with big dreams of the future, a struggling entrepreneur with a creative product or a worker bee stuck in a cubicle all day, this is the science-based program that could propel you into a more fulfilling life.

winning the game of fear review

Who Is the Author?

Although John Assaraf has written bestselling books and launched five multi-million dollar businesses, he’s best known as the CEO of NeuroGym. John AssrafThis unique company researches the brain to discover proven ways that people around the world can unlock the full potential of their minds. John and his colleagues use the results of that research to create brain retraining programs that are accessible to anyone with a reliable internet connection.

What Should You Expect?

This is where the Winning the Game of Fear review gets interesting because there are no guaranteed results from the program. While a quick search online will deliver many convincing testimonials from current and past students who have gone from stuck and unmotivated to passionately meeting goals and living out their dreams, that doesn’t predict your results from the program.

The success that you achieve will come down to how much time you devote to the program and your willingness to fully implement all brain retraining strategies presented in the lessons. This requires a daily commitment of at least a half hour, and you will learn even more if you spend some time in the online forums sharing with other participants. If you invest the time, there is a great chance that you’ll write one of the next raving testimonials.

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What’s in the System?

The foundation of the program is a web-based portal filled with enough video lessons to keep you learning for eight weeks. This is where you will uncover the science-based brain retraining strategies that will help you identify your top three fears and learn how to overcome them. The more you follow the lessons, the more confidence you will build. The more confidence you build, the more you will realize the results in your thought patterns and your daily life.

You also gain access to the VIP online community. These forums are frequented by many people who have used Winning the Game of Fear to transform their lives, and they will help you maximize your own success as you move through the program. John Assaraf also uses the online community to deliver coaching and support to all members on a daily basis.

There are also three bonus audio files that will help you increase mental clarity and focus while learning about whole-brain problem solving and boosting your immune system. If you pay in full rather than accepting the three-month payment plan, you will also gain access to an in-depth assessment of your personality and strengths.

How Does It Work?

It takes about a half hour to go through each of the training videos, and you will complete one each day for eight weeks. There are five levels, and you will gradually work your way through each of them one day at a time. The higher your level, the greater your mastery of brain retraining strategies like self-hypnosis, precision affirmations and guided visualization. Those are just a few of the proven techniques that will help you master your mind for greater success in life.

While 30 minutes a day is the minimum time commitment expected, you can accelerate your results by spending more time practicing the techniques and determining how you can use them in your daily life. Results come by implementing what you learn consistently, and it doesn’t hurt to spend some time learning from John Assaraf and others in the online community each day as well.

Who Is Winning The Game Of Fear For?

If reading this Winning the Game of Fear review fills you with a deep desire to learn more about your personal fears and reach your full potential in life, you’re probably the ideal candidate for this program. If you often set big goals but fail to reach them, you may realize what is holding you back and finally start achieving those goals with John Assaraf’s guidance. This program is also highly recommended for anyone who currently feels stuck in an unfulfilling life or who knows that they can accomplish more if fear weren’t a factor.

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How Accurate Will It Be?

From neuro-linguistic programming to brain entrainment and the use of subliminal messages, all strategies utilized in this program are backed by credible scientific research completed by John Assaraf and his colleagues. The strategies are designed to help you overcome fears that are limiting your life so that you can focus more intently on actions that will help you reach valuable goals. When you take the time to learn the strategies and implement them in your daily life, you have the potential to transform your personal corner of the world.

What are the Pros?

  • The program is self-guided, so you can watch the videos at your convenience and as many times as you need to fully absorb the material.
  • You only need to invest 30 minutes a day to learn all of the brain retraining strategies.
  • John helps you uncover your top three fears and teaches you how to overcome them.
  • You’ll learn the difference between healthy or helpful fears and those that are derailing your life.
  • Every strategy is backed by research, and that means they’re more likely to actually work for you.
  • You have access to daily coaching from John and other masterminds behind the program.
  • The online community will help you get answers to questions in a timely manner, and you will learn a lot from other like-minded people benefiting from the program.
  • The program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Are There Any Cons?

  • You do need to invest at least a half hour of your time every day for eight weeks to fully benefit from Winning the Game of Fear.
  • money-back-guarantee_003The program is only offered through online videos, so you can’t work with printed lessons or workbooks.
  • Self-guided also means self-motivated, so you will have to fully commit to doing the work each and every day.

Stop taking all of the blame for not living up to your full potential. There are some powerful fears holding you back, and you may not even realize some of them are influencing your decisions. Take the information gained from this Winning the Game of Fear review and move forward to experiencing the full power of this in-depth brain retraining program.

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