Conscious Calendars – How To Align With The Astrological Rhythm Of The Cosmos

If you have ever dreamed of knowing what your future holds, you are not alone. For thousands of years, humanity has sought the knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos. What we have found is that there really is a way to know what your future holds, and the key lies within ourselves.

Embark on a journey with me as we learn what Vedic Astrology is and how it can alter your life forever.

Vedic Astrology

What is Vedic Astrology?

This system was originally used in ancient India, and was referred to as “Jyotish,” which means the science of light. Simply put, by studying light patterns from the sun, moon, and planets, Vedic Astrology can determine how each day will go for an individual.

You may be wondering what makes Vedic Astrology so much better than the Western astrology you may see in your daily newspaper. While a normal horoscope will provide a brief overview of your sign for the day, Vedic Astrology uses planetary periods, called Dashas, to delve even deeper into your own personal story.

Your Dasha is determined by your birthday, and it marks the place the moon resided during that day. These Dashas move in rhythm with the fabric of the cosmos, and are the reason Vedic Astrology stands out above all the other schools of astrological thought.

By understanding that everything is linked via the rhythm of the cosmos, you are on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of.

How Can Vedic Astrology Help Me?

Vedic Astrology allows all of us amazing insight into what the future will hold and why the past unfolded the way it did. Through the use of birth charts, astronomers are able to peer into an individual’s personality by arranging your Dasha with the position of the planets. By doing this, they are able to hone in much deeper than they would be able to with a normal astrological chart.

Everyone has their own unique birth chart, and by using it, an astronomer can pinpoint specific days in your past and future that were, or will be, good or bad. This knowledge can then be used to plan important decisions in your life such as a new career, buying a home, starting a new relationship, or anything else that may be important to you.

The Vedic system is an incredibly powerful way to maximize the potential of every good day and know when to lay low on a bad day.

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How Do I Use Vedic Astrology?

Reading a birth chart and understanding how the positions of the planets will affect us is no easy task, and must be done by a trained astrologer to be utilized effectively.

Most of us are very busy with our every day lives and do not have the time to become expert astronomers. Even if you were to try, many of the books available are quite vague and will take a lifetime to memorize.

Luckily, there is a fantastic way to gain all the benefits of Vedic Astrology without the hassle of pouring over birth charts every waking second. Conscious Calendars is the modern, technological way to implement Vedic Astrology into your life.

What Is Conscious Calendars?

With your own personalized Conscious Calendar, you will know exactly what time to act on any important decision. In every moon cycle, there are twelve potential positive days and eighteen rough or negative days. Your Conscious Calendar will pinpoint each of these days with a corresponding color.

A Green Day is a day full of hope and positive energy. These are the days which you should choose for all of life’s important events from a wedding to a day out with the family. One these days, your chart will align with the light of the moon and will be positively supported by planets like Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

A Yellow Day is a day mixed with energy good and bad. These days are not the worst, but they can be full of distractions and negative energy that can create stress. On days like this, caution is key.

Finally, your calendar will pinpoint one Red Day every lunar cycle. On these days, the planets will not align favorably, and positive energy will almost be impossible to come by. A Red Day should be used to lay low and reflect on all the great things that have happened to you on your Green Days.

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Does Having a Conscious Calendar Really Make a Difference?

I can tell you personally that it absolutely does. For years, I had been drifting through life, feeling lost and unsure of my future. That all changed when I got my own Conscious Calendar.

Simply put, this calendar saved me from a life of ho-hum mediocrity and showed me everything that I could be. On my first Green Day, I decided that I wasn’t happy working at the supermarket. I wanted something much more out of my life.

That day, I applied for college and began working towards becoming a record engineer, a dream I have had since I was just a teenager. Today, I am an assistant engineer at a successful recording studio. Our best sessions always seem to occur on Green Days.

Sure, my Conscious Calendar worked wonders for me, but why does that mean it will work for you as well?

The answer lies within all of us. The calendar is a representation of how my spiritual self fits in with the grand orchestra of the universe. Just as I have my own part to play in the symphony, so do all of you. This calendar will help guide you towards playing every note perfectly.

Become Your Best Self

If you are feeling lost, insecure, or simply unfulfilled with your life, Conscious Calendars will turn all of it around. The website will cover everything I may have missed here, as well as provide further insight into the benefits of applying Vedic Astrology to your life.

Knowing what the future holds may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but I assure you that it is possible. Go get yourself your own Conscious Calendar and let it guide you in becoming the best you can possibly be.

Your destiny awaits.

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Calculated Using The Remarkably Accurate Principles Of Vedic Astrology <<

Conscious Calendar

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