Mystical Powers of Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is considered one of the most positive energy symbols in the world. This powerful symbol has been used for thousands of years as a way to bring peace, good fortune and prosperity into being. Known for being extremely auspicious, it has been popular among mystics and gurus since the ancient pyramids were built in Egypt. Each Sri Yantra is designed in a triangular formation that looks similar to a pyramid.


In Egypt, the Sri Yantra formation was once used to design pyramids. In the Judaism, this sacred symbol is known as the Star of David. Christians know it as the lucky Star of Bethlehem. Meanwhile, churches, synagogues and Hindu temples have used the pyramid-like formation to create places of worship. Due to the auspicious, harmonious qualities of the Sri Yantra, it is one of the best formations for places of worship. Created in a three-dimensional format, it looks like pyramids built on a triangular grid. The shape is intended to mean abundance and positive power.

Sri Yantra Temples

The History of the Sri Yantra

The first known use of the Sri Yantra occurred in 4000 BC. At this time, Vedic scriptures in India mentioned that the Sri Yantra was revealed by the gods as a powerful, positive symbol. Over the last 6,000 years, it has been analyzed by baffled scientists and mathematicians. Modern scientists are still unsure how ancient people were able to create such a complex, intricate geometric symbol.

Today, temples in India are still built along the lines of the Sri Yantra Meru. The multi-pyramid grids have been recognized for their cosmic power and have been used throughout the world. It has been used in countries like India, Egypt, Cambodia and Indonesia. According to American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan, the Sri Yantra is the king of power symbols. Due to the way it is constructed, it has an energetic effect that is 70 times more powerful than a typical pyramid construction. This means that a Sri Yantra that stands 3 centimeters in height has the same energetic power as a pyramid that stands 2 meters tall.

Meditating With the Sri Yantra

Once a Sri Yantra has been purchased, it can be used in a daily meditation practice. To start with, the individual should focus their eyes on the center of the Sri Yantra. This dot is known as the Bindu. According to tradition, the Bindu represents the unity that connects all of the physical world. After staring at the Bindu, individuals should allow their eyes to focus on the triangle that encloses it. The upward part of the triangle is symbolic for male energy, and the downward point represents female energy.


From this point, the meditation practitioner should let their vision expand outside of the triangle to the circles. These circles represent the cosmic rhythms that underlie all of existence. In ancient cultures, circles were used to represent continuity and the infinite. Since they have no start or finish, they represent the fact that time is without a beginning or an end. From the largest building to a tiny atom, everything in the universe vibrates with the same rhythmic energy of creation. This same energy is within every person whether they realize it or not.

The next step in the process is to focus on the lotus petals outside of the circle. These petals point outward as they open to indicate that humans are constantly learning as their knowledge unfolds. The lotus itself is a representation of the heart and the central part of the self. As the heart unfolds, understanding and acceptance develop.

On the outside of the Sri Yantra, the square is a representation of the material world that people can sense, see, feel, hear or smell. It has a well-defined border because people are only able to experience so much of the world with their senses. Along the sides of the square, the four T-shaped portals are gateways into the inner, sacred parts of life. These gateways are symbolic for the transition that the practitioner travels between the external world and the sacred, inner world.

Sri Yantra Pendants

From this point, the practitioner should gaze into the Sri Yantra. They should allow their mind to naturally merge all of the patterns and shapes that are encompassed within the symbol. As these shapes merge, the practitioner should focus their vision on the center of the Sri Yantra again. Without allowing the eyes to move, they should let their field of vision expand until they can take in everything. Rather than focusing on the information and images, the practitioner should just let their mind be aware of it.

At this point, the practitioner should work backwards through the previous steps until they are focused on the Bindu again. They should close their eyes for a few moments. The Sri Yantra may still be within the mind’s eye as the creativity of the primordial shape works to inspire peace, prosperity and tranquility in the individual. These creative forces are a fundamental part of nature and govern all of existence.


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The Mystical Power of the Sri Yantra

Composed of nine interlocking triangles, the Sri Yantra is one of the hardest geometric figures to draw. The Sri Yantra has also been called Sri Chakra. It is a beautiful, complex part of sacred geometry that is used for worship, devotion and meditation. While it has been used for thousands of years, it is unknown how ancient people originally created this symbol since it is one of the most difficult symbols to draw without making a mistake.Sri Yantra SymbolAt times, people may feel like they are overwhelmed by stress and negativity in their daily lives. The Sri Yantra can help to remove these negative influences for a heightened level of peace. It is ideal for individuals who feel stagnant at work or who have problems with a relationship. This symbol helps to cleanse negative energies for a prosperous, harmonious state of mind. In the Hinduism, the Sri Yantra was possessed by the creator of the universe and admired by Vishnu. It is believed to be a source of supreme energy and magnetic powers.

Having a Sri Yantra in a home can provide a number of spiritual, emotional and physical benefits.

– Reduced negativity
– Affluence
– Harmony
– Peace
– Greater success
– Good luck
– Destruction of harmful forces

As a source of cosmic energy, the Sri Yantra is used across the world for a more peaceful, tranquil lifestyle. It destroys all negative forces in the vicinity and can bring positive cosmic energy into the household. Often chiseled out of crystal, it can also be used in jewelry designs, paintings and tapestries.

Sri Yantra Pendants

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